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“David Bloch是谁?” "Who is David Bloch?"

This article was translated to Chinese by Baidu

“David Bloch是谁?” 昨天我们有机会认识水博望,奥斯卡奖得主。他将出版他最新的纪录片“谁是David Bloch?” 这部电影讲述了戴维的非凡冒险,他的短时间从达豪纳粹集中营解放,通过上海之旅,并停止了逾越节在埃及。 在上海,描述犹太人难民的艰难生活,受到纳粹同盟——日本的威胁,爱上了一个美丽的中国女孩和他们的婚姻,然后去美国旅行。 David Bloch是一个从事木材和瓷器的犹太工匠。他出生在德国,耳聋,很幸运地爱上了他的妻子,他也是生来耳聋的。

戴维的儿子和四个孙子也参加了这部电影的首映式,这部电影是在上海犹太难民博物馆举行的。 的嘉宾是我们亲爱的朋友Sarah Imas,另一个犹太难民的女儿,她仍然在上海,有三个孩子。 她写了几本书,上海大多数居民都很熟悉。

"Who is David Bloch?"

Yesterday we had an opportunity to meet Shui-Bo Wang, an Oscar winner. He will publish his latest documentary "Who is David Bloch?"

The film follows David's extraordinary adventure, his short time and the liberation from a Dachau Nazi camp, through the journey to Shanghai, and was stopped for Passover in Egypt.

In Shanghai, describing the difficult lives of Jewish refugees, threatened by the Nazi allies - the Japanese, falling in love with a beautiful Chinese girl and their marriage, and then on their journey to the United States.

David Bloch was a Jewish craftsman who worked in wood and porcelain. He was born in Germany, deaf, and was lucky to fall in love with his wife, who was also deaf from birth.

David's son and four grandchildren also attended the premiere of the film, which was held at the Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum

Among the honored guests was our dear friend Sarah Imas, the daughter of another Jewish refugee, who remained in Shanghai and has three children. She has written several books and is well known by most of Shanghai's residents

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