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确切农业的未来 The Future of Exact Agriculture

Prospera allows farmers to improve crops on the basis of accurate information.

In July 2016, after Operation Tzuk Eitan and just before the holidays, the local agriculture industry was in a major crisis.

In Israel, the number one producer of tomatoes was forced to destroy thousands of tons of crops following a deadly virus and import tomatoes.

Their price rise and the damage to farmers was more than NIS 120 million.

In the future, such crises are likely to be more severe, given the expected growth in the world's population and the shrinking of agricultural areas.

A system developed by the Israeli start-up

Analyzes data gathered from irrigation systems, sensors from the ground, satellite images and the weather, helping farmers maintain crops, predict problems, make real-time decisions and increase productivity.

The company's system knows how to provide farmers with insights and tools to help them make real-time decisions.

In addition, the company knows how to identify a problem in one agricultural area that could spread to nearby areas and warn of it, thereby preventing the spread of a dangerous virus, as happened in 2016 when the virus migrated from greenhouse to greenhouse.

The information collected in the field is vital not only for farmers but also for seeds and chemicals companies that can use it to improve the quality of seeds and fertilizers, as well as wholesalers and retailers, who can be alerted to anticipated shortages and prepared accordingly.

Prospera was founded in 2014. The company operates in Israel, where the development center is located, in the United States and Mexico, and has raised $ 24 million to date, and employs 50 employees

EDB-China Shanghai, July 4, 2018

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