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特殊传感器, 农业 Special sensors, Agriculture

This irrigation technology, based on research at the Ministry of Agriculture’s Volcani Institute in Israel, fully automates irrigation and fertilization customized to achieve desired root system depth, as well as the decision-making behind them.

These wireless sensors collect precise data from the soil in each zone of the farm. A smart controller converts this cloud-stored data in real time into a precise irrigation-fertilization cycle without human intervention. The system increases productivity from 15-31% and saves up to 27-75% on water and fertilizer, depending on the crop.

Uniquely, the system measures each plant’s stress level to determine when to start and stop irrigation. By contrast, traditional controllers time-release predefined amounts of water and fertilizer.

The company’s headquarters are in Israel, has raised more than $2.5 million from private and angel investors and the Israel Innovation Authority, and has done pilots in Israel and Austria. The company has its first Israeli customers and is expanding into the United States after finishing the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator.

It was one of two Israeli companies chosen to present at the 2017 Alltech Ideas Conference in Kentucky.

EDB-China, Shanghai July 5, 2018

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