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你能真的听你的树吗? 当他说: “我口渴” Can you really listen to your tree? When he says: "I'm thirsty&quot

Saturas is developing a DSS (Decision Support System) based on miniature SWP (Stem Water Potential) sensor that is embedded in the trunks of trees, vines, and plants. As part of an automatic irrigation system, the Saturas sensor provides accurate information for optimized irrigation to reduce water consumption and increase fruit production and quality.

Water is becoming scarcer and more expensive. With direct and reliable information on crop water status, farmers can save water and increase yields. Today, due to the lack of direct and reliable measurement, farmers typically over-water crops by up to 20% “just to be on the safe side.” Over-watering puts pressure on an already scarce and expensive resource, increases pollution from nutrient-rich runoff, affects the quality of the fruit, and reduces profitability.

Stem water potential (SWP) is a scientifically recognized, highly accurate parameter for determining water status in crops. Today, SWP can only be measured in a labor-intensive, manual procedure. Despite numerous approaches to sensor-based irrigation, including measuring soil and leaf moisture, the market lacks a solution that combines accuracy, ease of use, and affordability.

Saturas’ SWP sensing system automatically collects accurate data using a minimal number of sensors per hectare (1 – 2 sensors). It transmits the processed data to the central automated irrigation control system. The technology tailors irrigation to real-time water needs of the crop, resulting in more efficient water use and increased yields, fruit size, and sugar content (e.g., vineyards). Embedding the sensor in the trunk eliminates the common problem of damage to sensors placed in the soil or on the tree/vine.


Saturas’ highly accurate sensors are the only ones embedded in the stem of the tree and to offer automatic SWP measurement combined with ease of use at a significantly lower cost than products currently on the market. SWP (Stem Water Potential) is measured through a sensor embedded in the tree trunk which provides:

Embedding the sensor in the tree trunk eliminates the problems associated with placing the sensors in the soil, leaves or branches.

The Saturas sensor provides accurate information for optimized irrigation to reduce water consumption with no stress to the plants and increases fruit production and quality. SWP is the least spatially variable feature in an orchard or vineyard because stems integrate the water status of the plant from the soil water around and under the plant and up to the atmosphere. Main Advantages:


Precision irrigation technology can provide solutions to enable farmers to irrigate at the right time and use the precise amount of water.

As a result, the farmer will benefit:

EDB-China, Shanghai July 6, 2018

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