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土壤网络  The Internet of soil

Revolutionary. Simple.

CropX offers an integrated hardware and software system for measuring soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity and sending that data to the cloud where it can be accessed from any mobile or fixed device.

Most of CropX’s 20 R&D engineers were members of an IDF technology unit, today applying their analytics acumen to the agricultural technology industry.

CropX’s irrigation system is based on a “revolutionary spiral design,” the easy installation system allows farmers to get the most of their soil.

The sensors measure soil moisture and temperature and transmit the results back to an app on the farmer’s phone. The farmer can then adapt his or her irrigation plan. The sensor transmits the data via SMS to the cloud, alleviating the challenge of lack of connectivity in rural areas.

“The system works anywhere across the globe,”.

The sensors are already being used in the mass market by commodity (corn, potatoes, alfalfa, soy) farmers. The sensors can be installed in five minutes by the farmers themselves.

Talented guys from the army’s tech units are applying what they learned to the civilian space. They have developers who were in an elite force and what they did was develop various sensors to collect data from enemy territory. Now, this same technology is being used at Kansas and Nebraska, for farmers.

EDB-China, Shanghai, July 7, 2018

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