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精准农业智能平台,帮助农民成长。 Precision agriculture intelligence platform, helps farmers grow.

Taranis is a precision agriculture intelligence platform that will help you monitor your fields, make informed decisions and then act on them. The Taranis platform is a revolutionary tool that will change the way of managing agricultural activities by analyzing farm “big data”


• Never seen before 0.5mm per pixel imagery compared to 20cm per pixel currently available on the market. • Patented imaging pod installed on crop dusters and UAVs in your area that can be tasked over your fields. • Enables automatic scouting of the fields to detect and count insects, diseases, and weeds. • Count and map your crop emergence with an image after planting, and use the output re-planting map to fix issues. • Used as part of Taranis disease prediction models that take visual data and simulate disease development over time.


Taranis unique advantage is in predicting crop disease and pest occurrence to let you plan in a safe way. Taking into account biological models, you know the right threshold for a spray activity and make sure not to cross the economic threshold where you lose money.


Taranis modeling runs in two modes – site-specific and regional. In the site-specific mode the system analyses data recorded in the field, in real time, to assess the potential risk for disease outbreaks in that field. The system takes into account scout reports and pesticide applications, and, in addition, data recorded by sensors installed by Taranis and data recedes in regional weather stations. In the regional mode, the system estimates the suitability of the conditions to a disease outbreak in the entire region (county, state, region) and represent the potential risk using a heat map for the entire area. The user can see both, the site-specific and regional risks, and can make his best management decision based on both.


Taranis app is the best tool for data collection and integrated pest management in the field. Taranis detects potentially problematic hot spots and prioritizes them for further investigation.

Scouts then use a specialized app that directs them to these locations. The scout fills a crop-specific report including phonological growth stages, crop height, and Geo-tagged photos. The agronomist or farm manager can view and analyze the reports and photos, evaluating crop status, straight from the Taranis dashboard and decide on a plan of action. The analysis makes it easy to see infestation levels, trends, action thresholds and even decide on more localized sprays. The same app can be used to input data from rain gauges and traps. Make the scout work easier and visible to management in real time. The bottom line is cost reduction and increased productivity. It works offline even without an internet connection to take photos to collect and view information.


Taranis is running a unique field-level hyper-local weather forecast; it is 75 times more granular than existing models.

You get the field-level information you need to plan, according to a field’s specific condition. By automatically analyzing all the field tasks and cross-matching with our accurate field-level forecast, Taranis recommends the most effective timing to act. For instance, finding the best planting window. Also, no more wasting costly materials due to unforeseen weather conditions. Taranis also issues alerts regarding severe conditions, so the farmer can better prepare for conditions like frost, hail, storms, heavy precipitation and drought.


Taranis is using four different satellite constellations in order to provide frequent and comprehensive imagery; it includes 100 satellites and counting. Using the imagery, we can detect anomalies when they are still as small as 3m in size to respond quickly. We have proven results to detect anomalies that turned out to be fertilizer problems, soil problems, weed problems, pest and disease problems. The unique advantage to have all the tools in one dashboard is that it all works together.

Issues detected by satellite are later checked in the field and monitored with the mobile app. Even soil problems can be detected by looking at a low yield area and comparing it over several years of historic images.


The Taranis dashboard is accessible from any PC no matter where you are. Take just a few minutes every day to “monitor in a glance”. Using the dashboard the farm manager, agronomists and consultants can see history and all relevant data as layers on our GIS (Geographic Information System) map. It is your personal planning, monitoring, and control center for your farms.

An intuitive display to transform data into decisions. Look at specific details by selecting layers when they are needed: weather, tasks, scouting, satellite imagery with indexes like (NDVI – Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), sensors, traps, current aerial images, growth stages, and reports.


Instead of calendar, whiteboards, notes and paper schedules, Taranis gives your team an easy to use task manager that is integrated into your workflow. Designate tasks and activities to any field, categorize tasks and avoid conflicting operations, assign to any employee. You can then view task history and current task status. When you plan a future task, you immediately get feedback if weather conditions are favorable or not.

EDB-China, Shanghai July 8, 2018

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