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以半价喂养动物,以色列的新创新 Feeding animals at half price, new innovation from Israel

Industrial module for growing Sprouts as full food for animals (And humans) Plug & Play

1- The need: World agriculture is looking for a solution for fast building of animal farms, and improving old farms to become more competitive.

2- The solution: An industrialized facility that allow intensive growing of wholly food for animals like: Chicken, Turkey, Sheep, Goats, Ducks, Pigs, Geese, Rabbits, Beef*, and more.

3- Today’s technology: The world is embracing Sprouts as the future food for animals, now is the time to take the opportunity to be there before others.

* Beef need supplementary dry food

All these animals can use Sprouts as main / only food

Our advantage: Our partners in Israel are a ONE STOP SHOP, with vast experience and knowledge of 30 years in “Smart Agriculture”, among their technologies are the development of computerized system to control irrigation, and climate control in green houses, disease control systems, partners in metal factory creating facilities specialize in electronics systems. They have designed and executed international projects in Europe, Far East and Africa.

The facility shown here fits the needs of animal farms, in any climate, for most animals, can support development zones and cheap infrastructure also in 3rd world environment.

A basic module, 40’ sea container, would feed 60-80 goats/ sheep or 800 chickens, by producing more than 100 MT Sprouts/year.

These Sprouts are rich with Nutrients and are by far more digestible than any other form of known food.

Since the module is simple to install, it can be placed anywhere. Regular animal food:

- Grass 60% digested requires lots of land weather dependence

- Agriculture waste 50% digested no certain availability may contain Diseases

- Mash – Crumble - Pallets

40% digested Very expensive

- No control over diseases – not a balanced diet – not a sustainable source - Expensive

Sprouts Container

•The raw material are seeds, easy to keep, always available, everywhere.

•This is to show the container system.

•We can build a massive growing facility, in warehouse, greenhouse, that can feed as many animals needed

•The system is controlled by AI unit with a robotics system, to avoid any fungus/mildew/Bacteria, so a sustainable 100% growing is assured.

•The IP of the system is protected.

- 365 days/ year - Disease controlled - Minimal space needed - Cheap to grow - 95% digested - Fully automatic - Controlled by AI - Highly nutritious

Example calculation:

1 kg of seeds = 2.50¥ 350 gr of seeds = 0.88 ¥ 350 gr of seeds = 3.5 kg of Sprouts 1 goat needs 3.5 kg of Sprouts/day feeding 1 goat = 0.88 ¥ / day

Saving production infrastructure as outcome of using Sprouts industrial technology

A module 2.4 x 12 m replaces these:

- Seedling - Harvesting and pressing straw - Feeder

- Fertilizers and organic manure - Silo - Other Areal infrastructure. - 45 mu of land, requires Irrigation. - Spraying & Pesticides. - Cutting the grass - Tractor. - Silage pit. - Plow.

Saving in the use of Fertilizers and Pesticides has a great strategic value for the environment

Areal infrastructure includes water supply, wales drilling and water tanks, roads and power, while Sprouts growing relay on the existing available infrastructure.

Economic evaluation for the benefit of technological application of barley / wheat sprouts production:

40 'container for animal feed

Production data:

The inside growing area of the 40 'container is about 200 square meters.

The yield is about 1.8 kg / sqm / day (with a 25% confidence coefficient).

Daily container yield: 280 kg / day 365.

A. Application in Growing animals:

Sprouts can be the total food needed for poultry, sheep, goats, pigs and others

B. Animal food consumption:

Sheep and goats: 3.5 kg per day.

Chicken (freedom, laying): up to 0.5 kg per day.

Pigs: 16 kg per day.

4. A farm module suitable for one 40’ container

Sheep/Goat: 35 females and 5 males and 20 baby goats / lambs.

Poultry Farm: (Freedom): 360-500 birds.

Farm pigs: 6 pigs and 40 wolves.

5. Economic Assessment:

The estimate refers to food produced in a container that replaces fodder and hay (although its nutritional value and its excretion are higher) with a 1: 1 conversion ratio in terms of nutritional values.

- Cost of a conservative menu based on fodder and / or hay weighing 280 kg minimum 41$.

- Inputs in agriculture sprouts.

Seeds: 6$ Daily Electricity: 8.3$ Auxiliary materials: 1.42$

- Total daily cost: 15.72$

- Daily saving: 25.28$ Monthly savings: 758$ Annual savings: 9230$

The advantage is significant in developed regions, and certainly in the third world.

(*) There is a knowledge gap here, as far as I am concerned, since dry and concentrated foods are compared to green food, and there is no equality in nutritional values, as Sprouts are highly nutritious, and almost totally digestible (no waste)

February 11, 2019 Shanghai, EDB-China

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