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EDB-China specializes in supporting Israeli companies setting up and growing their business in China, finding the best partners for JV, and raising investments for high tech projects.

Via our one-stop service model, we are able to balance the initial investment needed to discover opportunities and open the Chinese market with expected returns of investment.

We use our strong knowledge and network for assisting companies in China. The combination of our western colleagues with vast experience in China, and our Chinese colleagues with a strong understanding of the western needs and desires, makes us able to assist you in the best possible way. 

The need for a "Bridge" for foreign companies arises from:


  • Lack of understanding of China and the Chinese market

  • Inability to identify and capitalize on appropriate investment opportunities

  • Difficulties in steering through the maze of local laws and regulatory procedures

  • Challenges to resolving business and people issues in the China context

  • Need for independent professionals (in terms of competence and integrity) to monitor the operation on a continuous basis

Similarly, for our clients in China, our “Bridge” is designed to facilitate their business expansion outside the Chinese domestic market, thereby putting their potential to full play.

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