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Industry Experts’ Sharing of Industry Secrets with U.

“How CFO communicates with CEO?” “Revolutionize CFO’s DNA.” Industry Experts’ Sharing of Industry Secrets with You!

This event was jointly held by the Entrepreneur Elite (International) Club and Regus Group (China) with assistance from Shanghai Industry Comprehensive Development.

What are CFO’s position and value during this digital time? How should a CEO fully utilize this crucial role in assisting himself or herself to complete his/her strategic planning? We have invited two distinguished guests from Donaldson Group and EY to share with you four driving forces which revolutionize CFO’s role as well as pioneering topics of CFO’s leadership development plan.

These two distinguished guests will start from the perspectives of real practices and company strategy and offer a comprehensive interpretation of this issue through the combination of big data and various samples.

Event details:

Date:June 29th, 2018


Venue: Spaces, 29F, Shanghai Tower

No. 501, Yincheng Middle Road, Pudong

Chief Distinguished Guest Mr. Dale Xiang

He serves as the Asia Pacific Finance Executive in the Donaldson Group, which is a U.S. enterprise for over one hundred years. He is also a director for Northern Asian Region of the U.S. registered American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

Mr. Xiang had previously served as in the senior finance management positions in numerous Fortune 500 enterprises including General Motors Asia Pacific, Bosch Australia, Delphi Automotive PLC Asia Pacific, and so on. He received multiple professional certifications of CGMA, FCPA, FACMA, Six Sigma, Black Belt, and MACS.

Mr. Xiang has abundant practical experiences in the fields of manufacturing industry cost accounting management, Six Sigma lean cost, financial long-term forecast and cost planning, the establishment of financial model and application of ERP, development of cost management and audit, due diligence and financial preparation for IPO.

Mr. Xiang is the founding member and executive director of Entrepreneur Elite (International) Club. He has been retained as an enterprise mentor and visiting professor by the Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University for 5 years in a row. He was teaching management accounting in MPACC accounting and audit professional master’s degree class in the college.

Principal Distinguished Guest Mr. Bruce Lan

Mr. Lan is a Partner for Ernst & Young (China) Limited. His team is specialized in industries of banking, automotive, high tech, internet and energy and provides advisory services in the fields of digital transformation, financial technology, business risk management and internal control, information technology, and so on.

Mr. Lan currently serves as a digital transformation expert and consultant for large enterprises of China Construction Bank and China Development Bank. As an expert, he assisted in the drafting of multiple supervision requirements and industry planning guidelines with regards to business risk management, internal control, and information technology for government departments and regulatory institutes of Ministry of Finance and China Banking Regulatory Commission.

If you’re a CFO, you’ll be able to further review the value and meaning of finance under company strategy structure as well as CFO career development prospect through this event. You’ll be able to conduct internal communication in a more delicate way for the purpose of assisting your team to develop tasks smoothly.

If you’re a CEO, this event should be a very meaningful brainstorm for you. We will demonstrate what you need to understand in terms of potential value and function for finance, and how to work with CFO in avoiding risks and speeding up performance in a timely manner.

If you’re a non-finance senior management in a company, this event will provide you with financial perspectives and issues for the purpose of conducting effective cross-department collaboration.

Entrepreneur Elite (International) Club is a cross-industry and cross-region non-profit organization composed of senior management with shared visions from Fortune 500 companies, multi-national corporations, domestic high-growth potential high technology enterprises, economic development zones in Shanghai as well as senior partners from renowned law firms, accounting firms, PE/VC and consulting companies. Purpose of this Club is to promote Chinese spirit. With promotions of core values of “business integrity, feedback to society, welfare to next generation” as its operation guidelines, this Club will establish a communication bridge between business and government and among businesses for the purpose of fulfilling information exchange, resource sharing, and joint development. This Club cares about entrepreneur’s humanistic feelings, ambition, and the concept of value. Through the convergence of wisdom from the most visionary entrepreneurs, this Club searches correct path to realize business value and build up authentic Songhai business culture, and ultimately fulfills entrepreneurs’ common dreams and becomes a warm home for entrepreneurs and business elites.

EDB-China’s partners Eli Beck and David Du are Board Members of the Elite club

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