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农业教育,如果适合世界上最昂贵的高中“La Rosey”,也应该适合所有的学校。 Teaching agriculture, if it fits “La Rosey”, the most expe

La Rosey, sometimes called the school of kings, charge about 110,000 US$/year ( almost 1M Yuan). It is located in Switzerland and welcomes kids from about 65 countries. It was built at 1880 next to Geneva lake near the France border.

The total area of the institution: about 280 square kilometers. Between the spacious lawns and the impressive academic campus, there are also 10 tennis courts, 2 swimming pools, soccer fields and rugby and more, all for the benefit of the students and the educational staff of the place.

Some 330 students study at La Rosie, with the annual tuition cost of $ 110,000 each, making the institution the most expensive school in the world, attended by descendants of noblemen and royal families from all over the world. As you can see, the uniform in place consists of a 3-piece branded switch, a striped tie and a gold ring for decoration.

Despite the students' relatively similar socio-economic status, ethnic diversity here is quite broad and is divided among more than 67 different countries. The school's students are expected to be multi-lingual and have the ability to learn about four different languages at any given moment.

The school has 53 modern classrooms, naturally designed and illuminated, as well as 8 laboratories and 14 special study rooms equipped with the best technology and equipment required.

There is no need to feel sorry for those who come to the gates of the prestigious institution: 179 fully equipped bedrooms are available for the students, and each room has only two students, who in their last year in the school even receive their own private room.

Not long ago, the school's new auditorium was inaugurated - a magnificent and modern dome-shaped structure covering an area of 1,000 square meters and designed by one of Europe's best-known architects' offices.

The auditors' structure contains a large library, full of the best textbooks and necessary aids, as well as naturally lit learning spaces that provide learners with almost infinite space.

In addition, a concert hall with 900 seats was inaugurated between the walls of the new auditorium, and the students use the venue to hold festive concerts and school ceremonies.

You can be sure that the concert hall is fully utilized, since 60% of the school's students sing or play musical instruments, and most of them participate in a variety of orchestras and choirs.

Not only music studies are held in this prestigious institution - but Agriculture classes are part of the regular schedule of the rich students, and the studies include practical experience of the young children in the well-kept school incubator.

As you can see, in order to go on an annual trip, the students of La Rosey do not have to go too far - Switzerland's stunning landscapes and the brightest of Switzerland are right in hand, and all they need is to load a small backpack and go out to the nearby hills and lakes.

Mentioning lakes, the school's maritime study center is located right on the shores of nearby Lake Geneva and has a large number of sailboats, rowboats, and motorboats, and students enjoy rowing and water sports activities as part of their daily routine.

Although the students of La Rosey do not suffer too much during the year, to say the least, even the greatest smiles are revealed at the graduation ceremony and the receipt of their Diploma. Although the dress code here is the most elegant there is, but it seems that children are children, everywhere in the world and every class.

In summer, during the summer vacation, when school children recover from their "hard" year, the institute itself does not rest, and provides those who can afford a pampering summer camp almost as much as the school year itself, and perhaps even more.

By Eli Beck, EDB-China, Shanghai, February 7, 2019


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